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MJC is a company that also specializes in providing robust cybersecurity solutions. Here’s an overview of their services:

  1. Cyber Health Check and Assessment:
    • MJC initiates by conducting a thorough assessment of your existing cybersecurity infrastructure. This includes evaluating vulnerabilities, identifying risks, and understanding your organization’s unique security needs.
  2. Implementation of Cloud-Based Solutions:
    • Leveraging cloud technology, MJC deploys cutting-edge security tools to safeguard your digital assets. These solutions enhance data protection, threat detection, and incident response capabilities.
  3. Vulnerability Assessments:
    • MJC performs comprehensive vulnerability assessments to identify weaknesses in your systems. Based on the assessment results, they tailor security measures to mitigate risks effectively.
  4. Cybersecurity Plans and Threat Protection:
    • Drawing from their expertise, MJC designs customized cybersecurity plans. These plans encompass proactive measures, incident handling protocols, and real-time threat monitoring.
  5. Subject Matter Expertise (SME):
    • MJC’s SMEs specialize in Cyber Security Engineering and Security Operations Center operations. They offer critical insights, ensuring your mission-critical data remains secure.

Remember, in today’s interconnected digital landscape, robust cybersecurity is essential. MJC stands as a reliable partner, fortifying your defenses against cyber threats.

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When it comes to providing armed security guard services, several key aspects come into play. Let’s delve into what this entails:

  1. Risk Assessment and Planning:
    • Understanding Client Needs: Armed security providers begin by comprehending the specific security requirements of their clients. This involves assessing the level of risk, the nature of the property or event, and any potential threats.
    • Customized Security Plans: Based on the assessment, they create customized security plans. These plans outline the deployment of armed guards, access control measures, emergency response protocols, and communication strategies.
  2. Highly Trained Personnel:
    • Firearms Training: Armed guards undergo rigorous training in the safe handling and use of firearms. This includes marksmanship, weapon retention, and de-escalation techniques.
    • Legal Knowledge: They are well-versed in local, state, and federal laws related to carrying firearms. Compliance with regulations is paramount.
    • Emergency Response Training: Armed guards receive specialized training in responding to emergencies, including active shooter situations.
  3. Visible Deterrence:
    • Presence: Armed guards serve as a visible deterrent to potential threats. Their mere presence can discourage criminal activity.
    • Patrols and Vigilance: They conduct regular patrols, monitor surveillance systems, and remain vigilant to identify any suspicious behavior.
  4. Access Control and Screening:
    • Entrance Checks: Armed guards control access points, verifying credentials and ensuring only authorized individuals enter.
    • Baggage Screening: At events or high-security locations, they may screen bags and belongings to prevent unauthorized items from entering.
  5. Emergency Response:
    • Immediate Action: In case of emergencies (such as a breach, medical crisis, or violence), armed guards respond swiftly. They secure the area, provide first aid if needed, and coordinate with law enforcement.
    • Communication: Armed guards maintain effective communication channels with each other and with central command.
  6. Protection of Assets:
    • Property and People: Armed security personnel safeguard not only physical assets (buildings, equipment) but also people (employees, visitors, clients).
    • Escorting Services: They may escort high-value items (cash, sensitive documents) during transportation.
  7. Adherence to Ethical Standards:
    • Professional Conduct: Armed guards uphold ethical standards. They maintain confidentiality, treat everyone with respect, and avoid excessive use of force.
    • Crisis Management: In crisis situations, they remain calm, follow protocols, and prioritize safety.

Remember, armed security services require a delicate balance between protection and professionalism. Providers must ensure safety while respecting individual rights and legal boundaries


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MJC Security, a reputable security consulting firm, specializes in providing comprehensive Security Consultations and Risk Assessments to organizations seeking to enhance their safety and resilience. Here are some key aspects of their services:

     1.Security Consultations:

    • MJC Security offers proactive security consulting services tailored to each client’s unique needs.
    • Their expert advisors align their comprehensive offerings with the client’s risk appetite.
    • Whether it’s personnel, expertise, advisory support, or additional bandwidth, MJC Security assists clients when they face challenges that exceed their internal capabilities.
    • Services include threat management, workplace violence and active assailant advisory, vulnerability assessments, geopolitical risk analysis, program assessment, master planning, and more.

      2. Risk Assessments:

    • MJC Security conducts in-depth risk assessments to evaluate potential threats, vulnerabilities, and areas for improvement.
    • These assessments cover various locations, including corporate headquarters, executive residences, healthcare facilities, schools, critical infrastructure sites, and more.
    • By identifying risks and vulnerabilities, MJC Security helps organizations make informed decisions about risk mitigation and enterprise-wide security.

Their expertise extends to modern-day threats targeting executives and brands.

        3. Geopolitical Risk Consulting:

    • MJC Security analyzes and assesses political, economic, social, and security risks worldwide.
    • They guide clients through the complex geopolitical landscape, helping them navigate uncertainties.
    • Factors considered include political stability, economic risks, security threats, legal environments, and cultural influences.

In summary, MJC Security provides strategic guidance, actionable insights, and customized solutions to enhance security and manage risks effectively.


For large gatherings, concerts, conferences, or sporting events, MJC security company deploy personnel to manage crowd control, access points, and emergency response.


An unarmed security guard is a professional responsible for maintaining safety and security in various settings, such as corporate offices, residential complexes, or public spaces. Unlike armed guards, they do not carry firearms. Instead, their duties typically include:

  1. Surveillance: Monitoring security cameras, patrolling premises, and reporting any suspicious activity.
  2. Access Control: Checking identification, verifying credentials, and ensuring authorized entry.
  3. Emergency Response: Handling incidents like medical emergencies, fire alarms, or evacuations.
  4. Customer Service: Assisting visitors, answering questions, and providing directions.
  5. Conflict Resolution: De-escalating tense situations and maintaining a calm environment.

Remember, their primary focus is on prevention and maintaining a safe environment without resorting to force.